Below is a summary and the specific details follow:
Programs available
English Language
Leadership Training
Work Experience
Project Management Course
Project Management Certificate
Professional Reference Letter
Option 1: Work Experience + Leadership Training   X X     X
Option 2: Project Management Certificate Program (3-4 weeks) + Leadership Training   X     X X
Option 3: English Language Program + Leadership Training X X       X
Option 1: Work Experience and Leadership Training in Canada

As a result of their participation, professionals will be provided with a well-rounded set of experiences:
A. work for 4 days a week with a reputable employer (7 hours per day)
B. attend a leadership training seminar for 1 day a week (3 hours)
C. professional letter of reference
A. Work Experience (4 days per week)

The purpose of the work experience is to prepare professionals with the knowledge and skills they need for employment in a global economy. As a result of their participation, they will be equipped with Canadian experience that is aligned with their specific education, previous training, and career aspirations. This will make them more appealing and marketable to employers within Croatia and the larger European Union.

Term of Work Experience

The term of the work experience is from 2-3 months. You can start in January, May, or September in a calendar year.

Type of Work

Our past approaches reveal that the most benefit can be gleaned from discussing specific projects in conjunction with the professionals and host organizations. In this way, there is a specific start and end date for the work and is better tailored to the skills and advancement of the professionals. We take a look at your skills and what you want to do, then place you with an employer.

Types of Organizations

Host organizations come from a variety of industries and sectors including engineering, retail, wholesale, and distribution. Along with NGOs and Government positions, these include mid to large size companies, typically employing 200-500 people.

Type of Professionals

The professionals who will benefit most from such a program include those with a background in business including, but not limited to: Finance, Engineering, Human Resources, Marketing, IT, and Computer Science. Those who have recently completed their educational studies may find the work experience particularly appealing.

B. Leadership Training Seminars (1 day per week)

The purpose of the leadership training seminars is to endow professionals with the soft skills they need to succeed. This will compliment their previous experience and education, teach them about how to work within an organization, and explain the intricacies of working within a team and how to lead/manage groups. During the leadership training seminars, their work projects will be discussed and awareness surrounding real-world work issues will be raised.

C. Professional Letter of Reference

Upon completion, professionals will receive a Professional Letter of Reference to recognize their work and education abroad.

Employer Costs

Employers will incur the costs and time associated with the training of professionals. They will also cover costs associated with travel to and from the place of work along with lunch vouchers.

Availability of Positions

Very competitive and subject to availability.

Option 2: Project Management Certificate and Leadership Training Program (3-4 weeks) in Canada

This option is geared toward new professionals who would like to obtain a certificate in project management and leadership training and have little time in which to do so. The course is offered over 3-4 weeks and at the end, program participants receive a project management certificate and a professional letter of reference.

Option 3: English Language and Leadership Training Program in Canada

This option is geared toward new professionals who would like to develop their English language and leadership skills. Courses will be tailored to suit the needs of incoming program participants.