Our international programs were developed to offer you a competitive edge alongside an exceptional learning and career development experience. Our programs are unsurpassed!

The programs delivered through Crossing The Globe can open your eyes to the opportunities available around the world. We provide support to students throughout the entire program. We are available to answer questions from parents and students before, during, and after your program, and facilitate communication between our international partner organizations, coordinators, and hosts. We want to make sure you will have the best experience possible!

In order to answer all your questions, we will:
1. Provide an information session which contains all the details you need to know
2. Speak to you or you family to answer any questions they may have
3. Bring you through an orientation session so you know what to expect right before you go and/or shortly after you arrive
4. Be available for ongoing support via email and phone
5. Remain flexible to your needs - just ask us!
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